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After recently opening our UK office in London, we are now preparing for international expansion. While we are encouraged by the numbers from our initial beta period, we are extremely excited to be launching vidFlow 2.0 this Spring, with a revamped social approach for interaction between friends, artists, blogs and more.

The Norwegian Financial Times have chosen vidFlow as one of four startups they will follow in a monthly tech-column throughout 2016. First outing; «Next generation MTV». This follows up on vidFlow being picked as one of six startups to be presented in a critically acclaimed documentary series on Norway’s biggest national TV channel NRK1.

We are currently raising a seed round of £400K, intended for investments in the validation of vidFlow 2.0 as well as technical and organizational preparations for international expansion to 7 countries, including the UK and the Nordics, this Fall. Last Fall we raised £130K from angel investors to help develop vidFlow 2.0.

Our vidFlow family now consist of three developers, a UI/UX designer, nine passionate and dedicated interns, and a management team running business, finance and product management. We are currently recruiting a new CTO and two additional full-time developers to join us as we expand globally. 

Key Milestones

H2 2016

  • Launch, UK & The Nordics
  • Traction, UK & The Nordics
  • Global expansion preparations
  • Funding, Series A

H1 2016

  • Launch, vidFlow 2.0 for web and iOS
  • Product validation and fit
  • Funding, seed
  • Key staffing, UK & The Nordics
  • Key partnerships, UK & The Nordics


In the initial beta period of vidFlow, the average user watched 50 minutes of video per active day, which comes down to more than 12 official music videos per user per day. For comparison, YouTube dishes out an average of 5 videos per user session, counting not just music videos.